Unrighteous Indignation

Not the problem.

Stephen Colbert appeared in front of a congressional subcommittee today to testify about undocumented immigrant workers – in character, as his Bill O’Reilly-esque satiric “self” from his Comedy Central show, The Colbert Report.

And it made people’s heads explode.

Republicans are mad, because that’s what they do.  The media is mad because that’s what they do, too.

The appearance was very clearly a PR stunt to draw attention to what is a truly important issue, you know, if you care about the economy or human rights.

Colbert was funny and poignant, as he always is.

If the men and women in Congress feel like he’s making a mockery of their process, perhaps they should consider other things that make a mockery of the process…like themselves, for instance.  Or filibusters, lobbyists, and sex scandals in men’s airport bathrooms.

As for the media, they need to turn their attention directly back at themselves.  They have no right whatsoever to be pointing the finger at someone like Colbert, or at Congress, for creating this situation.

If the media bothered to adequately cover the news instead of inviting guests to appear on TV to yell at each other, congressional subcommittee chairs may not feel the need to pull a PR stunt for the sake of public awareness.  The public would be aware, since the media’s one and only fucking job is to inform the public about important issues like the impact of migrant workers on the agriculture industry, and the treatment of those workers by the companies that employ them.

Rather than even doing the least possible amount of journalism, which would have been talking about what he said and whether he was right or wrong and what it all means in a larger sense, they decided the story should be about how people are going to be mad about the degradation of our legislative process…before anyone in the public even had a chance to be mad.

Of course, that doesn’t stop the media or the Republicans from screaming about it, because they’ve realized that anger toward the system polls well.  They don’t even have to be mad for any reason, or even be telling the truth, they just have to say that everything sucks and it’s all the Kenyan’s fault.

It would be great if the media would spend less time being angry (since their opinions don’t fucking matter at all) and start just telling us what’s happening.

Then we could choose for ourselves whether or not we’re angry based on actual information.

And if we decide that Republican and media indignation is appropriate, I hope someone informs us right away that the puppet, Elmo, from Sesame Street, testified before Congress in 2002 with a Republican majority in both houses and a Republican president.