What the Fuck is On Your Head?

Who put this on me? Oh yeah, I did.

Since “pop music” really just means “I’m gonna say totally accessible shit over and over that someone else usually writes, but my costumes and stage shows are interesting”, it’s no surprise that Will I Am wore this outfit.

This is one of the dumbest/most ridiculous looking things ever, but then again, they write the dumbest/most ridiculous songs ever, so it totally makes sense.

People are angry that he painted his face black.  I’m not sure if that’s fucked up or not, but I am sure that this whole thing is really, really stupid looking.

He looks like a comic book movie villain.

It looks like someone tricked him.

Does he check out what he puts on his head before he does it?

I’m wondering if that dude behind him snuck up and stuck it on him before the picture, like a “kick me” sticky note.

Also, I don’t think he needs that microphone in his hand, because:

A) He’s not performing, he’s taking pictures and…

B) You know it’s just lip-syncing anyway.