The word “happy”
On my tongue
Dripping and forming pools
Of optimism
Evolving oceans
I swam across
To foreign lands
Where she waits for me
Basking in the same sun
That withers grey flora
She feels good
She welcomes me
And passes a “cloud”
Along my face
Embracing me in all my decay
I blend with this new world
Become free from my
Many bloodied weapons
As she
Kicks higher
On a rusty swingset
Tempting the fate
Of chains with weak links

It’s mezmerizing
Like a gazelle running
Moments before
Lions of reality
Plunge teeth through soft skin
But I
Gaze between ages
Until the sun fades
Through a sleepless
Black and wasted night

The pendulum swings
Of happy instability
Hoping to catch her
To make it stop
But in the opaque
Indigo canopy
Of another battered drone
It’s not hard to fail
To notice
The black plastic seat
Swings empty
And I’m drowning
In the same dark ocean
I swam across
To get here.