"Hey, can I rent you?"

I think this is why other parts of the world hate us.

Rapper Snoop Dogg just tried to rent out the entire country of Liechtenstein for a music video shoot.

That’s right.  He tried to rent a country.

Not an estate, not a natural monument or beautiful piece of scenery.  He tried to buy out a country for a few days.

Someone needs to let Snoop know that Liechtenstein isn’t a ‘ho’.  You can’t throw money at a country and just have it.

Who even thinks of this kind of shit?

Do they have some board meeting where they’re all trying to come up with the most arrogant, cocky, outlandish thing in the entire world and they decided that renting a country would fit that bill?

This isn’t really even that gangster, considering Liechtenstein is so tiny – the country’s entire population is about 35,000 people.

They should have at least shot for something in the top 100, like Sweden or Portugal or something.

Trying to rent out one of the world’s smallest countries, if you’re a rapper, is basically like sporting a big wad of one dollar bills in a music video.

Aim high, rappers.  That’s what you’re here for!

Just Get It Already

It’s almost impossible to believe that the craziest thing in this picture isn’t the hat, but it’s true.  What’s crazier?  Well, the person wearing it.

Pope Benedict XVI, in a recent address in Fatima, Portugal listed abortion and same-sex marriage among the most “insidious and dangerous” threats facing the world today.

Oh, yes.  That makes sense.  Homosexuals being able to freely and happily decide what life is best for them, and women preventing the birth of unwanted children is way worse than the systematic rape and torture of children by the priests in the Pope’s Church, the cover-up of that behavior, and the refusal to accept the need for condom use in third world countries, etc… We could obviously go on.

We’re talking about an organization that encourages faith healing (aka “let them die”) and exorcisms.

Gay marriage and abortion are threats to the world?

Maybe they’re just threats to Catholic dogma, and that, of course, is the Pope’s greatest concern.

Amazingly, in the same speech the Pope said, “In suffering, you will discover an interior peace and even spiritual joy”.

Perhaps all those pedophile priests were actually doing the kids a favor.