Unsafe Sex? Fuggetaboutit.

If you need this many condoms, I'm impressed.

Yes, there’s also an app for this.

Yesterday I discussed the Catholic Church’s recent approval of the “Confession” iPhone app.

Well, today I’m going to tell you about an app that is sure to increase the sales of the Confession app and make religious groups like the Catholic Church go bananas.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, or as the New York City Health Department calls it, “National Condom Awareness Day”, the department has launched an app called “NYC Condom Finder”.

As you might guess, this handy little app allows people to find the nearest location of city-wide condom distributors, happy to pass out NYC branded condoms for free.  It can use the GPS feature on your smartphone to provide you with walking directions to the nearest rubbers.

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So there was an attempted terrorist car bomb attack in New York City on Saturday.  The bomber failed to properly equip his bomb stuff so nothing happened and then he was arrested.  That’s the short version.

Some terrorist group in Pakistan claimed responsibility and I just have one question…


Is it just some startup terrorist cell that wants to gain some notoriety?  They want to mark their mark in the “claiming credit” game?  Are there some sort of Power Rankings over there in the Middle East that they’re trying to rise through the ranks of?

The bombing attempt has been called amateurish, incompetent, pitiful, etc…  But someone wants to take credit.

That’s like some designer taking credit for whoever this was in whatever she was wearing to the 2010 Grammys.

Or like the publicist who let her onto the carpet in the first place taking credit for such a big mistake.