I marked this Facebook add “misleading”.

Who really needs a metal girl?  I guess, you know, a robot.

The word “need” also really confuses me.  I mean, do I need a metal girl for sex?  Hmm…maybe.  Do I need one for emotional support?  That could get dangerous.  Do I need one for makeup tips?  Maybe if I join 30 Seconds to Mars.  Do I need one for music recommendations?  Nah…I definitely know more about metal than this girl who works at Hot Topic.

The part that really messed me up though was the “morbid” part.

I thought dating sites were supposed to make you want to have sex with random people.  Random living people.

I guess not.

PS…If is a real thing, and you went to the site and checked it out because of this headline, I’m truly sorry.