Unrighteous Indignation

Not the problem.

Stephen Colbert appeared in front of a congressional subcommittee today to testify about undocumented immigrant workers – in character, as his Bill O’Reilly-esque satiric “self” from his Comedy Central show, The Colbert Report.

And it made people’s heads explode.

Republicans are mad, because that’s what they do.  The media is mad because that’s what they do, too.

The appearance was very clearly a PR stunt to draw attention to what is a truly important issue, you know, if you care about the economy or human rights.

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This Shouldn’t Need Saying

"Holy shit, Katy. You have awesome boobs!" - Elmo

Katy Perry went on Sesame Street to do a song with Elmo.

Something went wrong with, you know, her tits.  And now people are upset.

Because little kids aren’t supposed to see tits, even if you can’t really see her tits.

So, like, cover up your tits Katy.  You can’t be that bouncy on Sesame Street.  You should know better.

But this isn’t really Katy’s fault.  It’s Sesame Street’s.  They have producers and directors and wardrobe people and shit.  And it’s not like they haven’t been making the show for 30+ years.  They should be able to see Katy’s dress and say, “Hey, Katy.  That’s a little too much breast for today’s kids.”

And you’ve gotta know when you book Katy Perry for an appearance that she’s got famous boobs and they’re always bouncing around somewhere.  You’ve also got to know that her hit song was “I kissed a girl and I liked it.”

If you’re Sesame Street and you’re not aware that there’s a chance that Katy Perry’s boobs might be involved in the appearance, well, you’re a fuckin’ dumbass.

Usually when stuff like this happens, you assume it’s for publicity…like every awful thing that happens on MTV (i.e. everything that happens on MTV).  But who are they trying to gain as viewers?  People who want to see tits on Sesame Street?  That’s just perverse.

Then again, no one complains that Elmo has a hand up his ass.