Serious Media

President Obama went on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night – the first time a sitting president has ever appeared on the show.

So naturally, the rest of the “media” is completely up in arms today.

From talk radio to the cable channels, the talking heads are all bitter and jealous that the president took his time to visit with a “comedian” rather than spend the time with “serious journalists”.

This is preposterous

Does Jon Stewart make dick jokes?  Yes.

But night in and night out, Jon Stewart can be found speaking the truth in a funny, poignant, and generally informative way.

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This Doesn’t Matter At All, Vol. 1

This doesn't matter.

Facebook is telling me that The Bachelor (On the Wings of Love?) is over.

That doesn’t matter.

When one douchey loser tries to pick which social-climbing-retard-who-wants-to-be-a-star-so-bad-that-she’ll-pretend-to-be-in-love-with-someone he wants to spend the next three weeks with so they can both be D-list celebrities for a while, that isn’t something to watch on television.

The fact is that it was over before it started.  Nothing in it is significant in any way.  On a scale of the value of things that make weepy chicks mistakenly happy, it’s a few notches behind a grocery store romance novel with a Fabio lookalike on the cover.

People pretending to be in love so that they can become celebrities.

The value of love in the modern day.

Fucking…shoot me.