Terrible Song King

I'm a bad singer.

The new Burger King breakfast commercials are quite possibly the worst commercials ever made.

There are a few.  Here’s one.


They all feature a person marching around town singing a terrible song, picking up followers (have to assume they’re deaf and hungry) along the way, presumably to take them to Burger King for an average tasting breakfast.

There’s also one where a bearded idiot plays flute and sings terribly.  That one is the worst.

I don’t think there’s anyone out there who would ever go to Burger King who isn’t already aware that Burger King has breakfast…and I can’t imagine there’s anyone who would think it’s “new”.

All I know is that these commercials are making it less likely that I will ever eat breakfast at Burger King.


Wendy’s new slogan is “You know when it’s real”.

They brag about using “real” ingredients.

I mean, I know it’s fast food, but has it really come to this?  How low can our standards go?

And if Wendy’s is the place with the real ingredients, what the fuck are they serving at McDonald’s?

It’s also a little confusing that if I know when it’s real, like they say, why can’t I tell that it’s fake anywhere else?