I’m amazed these things keep happening, but somehow they do.

This huge person is Shaun Rogers.  He’s a defensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns.  I had to use this picture because it’s funny, but he’s not on the Lions anymore.

Anyway, Mr. Rogers was returning to his neighborhood in Texas from a week of offseason workouts in Cleveland.  All was going just fine until his carry-on luggage went through the TSA screening and revealed a loaded .45 caliber gun.

Apparently, Mr. Rogers told police that he “forgot” the gun was in there.  Usually his bags are full of cardigan sweaters and imaginary friends, you would think.

How does any professional athlete still make these mistakes?  It’s honestly unfathomable to me.  Shaun Rogers isn’t a scrub.  He’s a three time Pro Bowler with a contract that he’s already made $20 million on.  He could easily hire a full time security guard to go everywhere with him.  It’s not like people are looking to mug a 350 lb guy on a regular basis.  Shaun Rogers just doesn’t need a gun, much less a .45, much less on a plane, much less concealed in his bag.

And you simply cannot be so dumb as to just forget.  It’s not okay.

Only a few months back, NBA star Gilbert Arenas lost the rest of his season on a suspension due to Arenas bringing a gun to the stadium.  Former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress is in jail for accidentally shooting himself in the leg at a nightclub.

They don’t even allow you to bring water bottles on to planes and the dude brings a loaded .45 caliber!

That’s not going to get through security, even if you put it in a plastic baggie.

Fear and Self-Loathing in Bakersfield


California State Senator Roy Ashburn became the most recent anti-gay rights public figure to be proven totally hypocritical.

He was arrested late Tuesday night on DUI charges after leaving a gay nightclub in Sacramento called Faces.  He was in a state vehicle with a reportedly unidentified man. (How much weirder would it be if he was identified?  Like if it was Mario Lopez or something.)  This isn’t the first time the Senator has been spotted at gay clubs.

Ashburn has a ZERO% voting record when it comes to improving the lives of the gay community.    He’s even voted against simple things, like a resolution of state senate opposition to the Prop 8 passage, anti-discrimination laws, and the founding of Harvey Milk Day.

How much must guys like Ashburn, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, and Ted Haggard hate themselves?  I mean, it’s honestly really, really sad.

When are these guys going to realize that the most totally not gay thing they can do would be to support gay rights?  If you guys are that scared of everyone knowing, you need to be sly, like a fox.  A big, gay fox.