Severed places
Pristine angel
Let me tell you
The clouds miss you

You were meant to
Fly higher
And live where most of us
Pretend not to know

You are better than most
But slightly more
Than I would have requested

To vanquish
Everything I could have attempted
A solidarity that
Could have withstood
And a skin
That was
Immune to withering
And blistering
Due to heat and
Constant betrayal
And neglect
You withstand what I could not

And a few months ago
I forgot the color of your eyes
The way you smelled
And the way your kiss tastes
But you took everything I own
And my blood
No longer hydrates
It sheds its color
It flakes off of tired limbs
And covers your picture

And the dream I dreamt
Leaves me
Wishing that you had woken me
Before leaving
But eventually
We all sleep for
Long enough
That we all try hard to forget
Strong enough
And we all move on

Well, most of us.