This is not an exit
She spoke
Through lips I ironed on
She spoke
With razors and disarray
Fall in line
You command
And I choke
On everything you say
It’s smoke
Out of season
Just particles
Strung together
With no reason
This doesn’t add up
The stale air
Relayed through
Empty breath
Of dying tragic lungs
We are all enslaved
To your lust command
And twisting tongue
You taste like
Death on a good day
But look at me the wrong way
Through eyes you painted on
And when you left
Me broken up
You took everything I own
And am
And I can’t even breathe
I’m sucking in shards
Of glass
From shattered spectacles
Your foot is on my throat
And I can’t say
That of late
I can even really see
The way out
The exit’s on fire
So suffocate the flame
Extinguish it
The way you do to me
And for the sake
Of everything
Holding any meaning
For the love
Let me out.