Don’t Bless Me

Ok, I think it’s about time that we stop recognizing sneezing for anything more than it is.

Sneezing just means your nose is irritated or allergic…that’s pretty much it.

I wish we could stop saying “bless you” and requiring the “thank you” response.

All this really amounts to is someone saying, “Yes, I heard you sneeze” and the person who sneezed replying, “Thank you for recognizing that I sneezed even though it was entirely obvious to everyone in the room”. This doesn’t make sense.

People are uncertain of the roots of this silly practice. Some think it has to do with believing that a sneeze indicated the possibility of the bubonic plague, while others believe it started because ancient societies used to think that one’s heart stopped momentarily during a sneeze.

I think we’re at the point of realizing that sneezing doesn’t mean those things. We’re having a whole lot of senseless conversations.

And then there are people who find it rude to NOT say “bless you”. That is just absurd.

And what the hell are we supposed to do with people who sneeze seven times in a row? Does that require seven “bless you”s?? Considering the person usually can’t say “thank you” between their seven sneezes, we’ll start running a serious “thank you” deficit and really throw the whole system out of balance.

Besides, I really don’t think I have any business blessing anyone…and frankly, you probably don’t either.