He Doesn’t Just SEEM Crazy

I know I'm crazy, but at least I'm consistent.Ron Paul is, like, just about the hippest presidential candidate ever…

…especially if you don’t know anything.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – I’m the one that doesn’t know anything.  Ron Paul is the savior of the world, if only people would give him a chance and listen.  Well, it’s when you give Ron Paul a chance and really listen that the most crazy stuff comes out.

Let me say, before you get really angry, that I do, in fact, respect Ron Paul.  I think he has principles and he is unafraid to stick to those principles in the face of sometimes extreme opposition from his own party.  He stakes out his own policy territory and owns it.  I believe he’s got integrity and that he’s an honorable man.  Unfortunately, he’s just slightly insane.

If you carry his political philosophy to its logical end, it simply cannot work.  Beyond that, there are definite consistency issues when he feels that the government shouldn’t be involved in making its citizens’ private decisions but is still adamantly anti-choice when it comes to abortion.

Over the weekend, in the aftermath of Hurrican Irene, Ron Paul went around promoting the end of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  By all accounts, FEMA did a superb job responding to Hurricane Irene – in stark contrast to how it managed to handle the response to Hurricane Katrina back in the good old days of small government (as if) conservative, George W. Bush and “Brownie”.

Paul declared that the city of Galveston, in his home district, battled one of the most severe natural disasters in our country’s history back in 1900 and came through it swimmingly – all without the help of the federal government.

Video: Ron Paul Thinks 1900 Worked Out Well

Paul thinks that the relief efforts performed by the local community in Galveston, Texas were more than adequate and that private citizens and the private sector can handle disaster relief just fine, but looking at what actually happened in the aftermath of the 1900 hurricane, we can see that the “relief” was as much of a disaster as the actual disaster.

The 1900 Galveston hurricane has gone down as the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history.  Between 6,000 and 12,000 deaths were estimated, but an exact number couldn’t be reached because recovering and/or identifying bodies was impossible.  The dead were so high in number than they couldn’t be buried.  The plan was to load them onto a boat and dump the weighed-down bodies into the Gulf.  That worked…until they washed up on shore.  Some were then buried right there in the sand.  Not knowing what to do with the rest, and having no one who wanted to perform the disgusting job of cleaning up the bodies, the city plied its destitute (and now homeless) with free whiskey to pile the bodies and burn them.  This was so horrifying that they eventually were held at gunpoint, forced to do the job.

For more, check out the New York Times archives from 1900.

In the end, 30,000 were left homeless and Galveston went from being an extremely wealthy port city to nothing of the sort.

And oh yeah, eventually U.S. Army personnel came it to help.  That cost federal dollars!

So next time Ron Paul has a solution for what ails the country, give him a pat on the back and congratulate him on his sincerity.

Then remember that things actually have to work and vote for anyone else…except, of course, Palin, Bachmann, or Perry.